droidcon Founder meets CF Alliance to finalise plans for droidcon Beijing 2016

13th of October 2016 – Prof. Roland Wagner, co-founder of droidcon Global visited Chang Feng (CF) Alliance to finalised plans for the first droidcon conference to be hosted in China – droidcon Beijing 2016.
droidcon is a global conference series, aimed at supporting industry advancement and a global network for the Android community. With success in over 16 cities, worldwide, this year droidcon will make its mark on China with droidcon Beijing 2016. The CF Alliance, with support from droidcon Global and partnerships from across the industry, will be delivering droidcon Beijing from November 17th – 18th 2016.
Prof. Wagner received a warm welcome from the Secretary General of CF Alliance, Ms. Lisa Song and the International Business Development team. The parties reviewed the latest progress on the development of the droidcon Beijing program. Prof. Wagner shared his insights and advice for refining the program and this was well received by the CF Alliance. 
Prof. Wagner congratulated the CF Alliance team on the progress made so far on securing an excellent array of industry and technical speakers for the conference. With likely involvement from Google, Facebook, Lenovo, Alibaba, XiaoMi, Intel, Tencent and Disney, both CF Alliance and Prof. Wagner are excited for the potential success of droidcon Beijing 2016.
For more information, please visit: http://www.allconfs.org/meeting/index_en.asp?id=3355 

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