International achievements

1.  Setting up Branches
In recent years, Changfeng Alliance has set up branches in Belgium, New Zealand, and Sweden. FPX, a geographic information association and the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) also set up their offices in Changfeng Alliance.
2.   Enhancing Connections with International Organizations
Changfeng Alliance has established partnerships with a great many international organizations and associations such as Embassy of Czech Republic in Beijing, Embassy of Canada, South Korea Qingbei Science Park, Invest in Israel, Investment in Denmark, Finland Trade and Technology Center, the Swedish Movexum Incubator and more. It has signed strategic cooperation agreement with OASIS. It has become the first member of OASIS in China, which is good for promoting the structure information standard. Changfeng Alliance has also joined the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), which plans to form the standard for IoT in the future
3.   Organizing International Conferences, Forums and Seminars
Changfeng Alliance has successfully organized lots of international conferences such as “the 32th IASP World Conference & Projects Cooperation Fair ”, “2015 Sino-Czech ICT Enterprises B2B Matchmaking Event”, “Sino-RoK B2B Matchmaking Event ” in May 2016, “Tizen open source operating system promoting conference” etc. 
4.    Talent Training and Exchange
Changfeng Alliance has successfully organized the “Z-Park International Training Course Program” from May to July 2016. It offered courses about key international markets and the hurdles to financing, technology, investment, IPR, legal and financial issues for Chinese companies planning to expand abroad.
5.   Overseas Mission
In 2015, Changfeng Alliance organized overseas missions to Sweden and Belgium to further business cooperation. These missions made fruitful achievements in terms of business strategic cooperation and exchanges.

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