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In March 2015, Changfeng Alliance set up branch office in New Zealand.
On 23th September 2015, Changfeng Alliance organized the ICT session of the 32th IASP annual conference. 
On 23th September 2015, FPX, a geographic information association in Sweden, established office in Changfeng Alliance.
In June 2015, Changfeng Alliance set up branch office in Sweden.
In December 2014, Changfeng Alliance set up branch office in Belgium.
In December 2014, Changfeng Alliance was identified as the “Beijing Public Service Platform for SMEs” by the Economic and Information Commission of Beijing.
In August 2014, Changfeng Alliance established strategic cooperative relationship with the province of Limburg, Belgium, so as to start its internationalization service.
In September 2011, Changfeng Alliance successfully held “2011 International Conference on Cloud Computing Security Technology”.
In January 2009, Changfeng Alliance held the Changfeng Alliance Conference of SOA Suite Release and Application. 
In November 2007, Changfeng Alliance successfully held the “Beijing 2007 Open Standards International Conference”. 20 international experts of OASIS attended the conference. 
In March 2006, Changfeng Alliance officially joined an international standardization organization OASIS, thus stepping on the international standardization stage.
In April 2005, Changfeng Alliance was duly established with 22 domestic software enterprises as the first members.

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